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Globalization has brought the borders of the world closer, with easier access to all parts of the world. This sense of closeness is only in our minds, nothing has changed geographically. This is where Kays is at your service to ensure your time sensitive cargo is able to meet your deadlines leaving you the freedom to dedicate your valuable time for other important matters. 


Airfreight till date is the fastest method of transporting goods from one point to another as quickly as possible. By carefully analyzing all the possible options/methods of airfreight, we at Kays provide our customers with the fastest, economical solution.


Kays offers Airport to Airport, Door to door, Inbound and outbound Air transport.  We provide custom solutions to different industries/ Cargos - General Cargo, Perishable, Hazardous Goods, Sea/Air transfers etc.


Kays is  at your disposal for your emergency international shipments with its Time Critical / AOG service, totally dedicated and tailor-made.

This service is dedicated to business areas where emergency management is highly important, such as automobile sector and aeronautical sector. Each request is analyzed individually and our staff is ready to react, at any moment, with dedicated procedures.

Please leave your name and contact number on the live chat for us to respond/revert to you.   

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